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DL LG Multi-Stage Pump

DL LG series are vertical multi-stage pumps designed for pumping clean water and similar liquids without solids. Ideal for water supply and drainage in mining, industrial and civil high buildings, as well as boiler water feeding.

DG High Pressure Boiler Feed Pump

Type DG high pressure boiler feed pumps are used for feeding high pressure boiler or pumping high pressure clean water.

CP CPS Sumbersible Sewage Pump With Cutter

CP CPS pumps, are single-stage single suction vertical submersible pumps designed for pumping of municipal and industrial sewage, dejected or liquids containing fibers and scraps and so on, as well as for oil extraction, water treatment and field irrigation.

CHLF Horizontal Multi-Stage[60Hz]

CHL series are horizontal multi-stage stainless pumps designed for pumping clean water and similar liquids without solids and fibers, non-explosive. Ideal for water supply and liquid delivering in Cooling systems, Industrial cleaning, fishery, water treatment, as well as liquid boosting and circulation systems.

V-FLO Pumps Passes Environment and Safety Management System Certification

On March 9th, V-FLO Pumps passed certification on Environment Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System and acquired the certificates.

Fajr II Power & Steam Generation Plant, DAMAVAND Power & Steam Generation Plant

FajrII Power & Steam Generation Plant, DAMAVAND Power & Steam Generation Plant SCOPEOFSUPPLY Supply Oil Gas Pumps with accessories Flowrate: 16m3/h@192.2m MotorPower: 17.5KWEMPLOYER National Petrochemical Company (NPC) DAMAVAND

Shougang Iron Ore Concentration Plant

ShougangIron Ore Concentration Plant SCOPEOFSUPPLY Supply of split casese awa terpumpsand slurry pumps for ironoremining and separationprocesses Flowrate: 1136m3/h@76.2m Motor Power: 400KWEMPLOYERSHOUGANGHIERROPERUS.A.APU

Refinery Modification Project

RefineryModificationProject SCOPEOFSUPPLYMotorDrivingMulti-StageCentrifugalPumpWithHydraulicCouplingSystems.Flowrate:120m3/h@1100mMotorPower:630KW@2950rpmMaterialsofConstruction:A-8EMPLOYERENCE PURCHA

Bandar Abbas Gas Condensate Refinery


BIPC Steam Generation Plant Extension

BIPC Steam Generation Plant Extension SCOPEOF SUPPLY  EMPLOYER BandarImam Petrochemical Co.PURCHASER AzarabIndustries Co. APPROXIMATEPROJECTVALUE(USD)1.19Million

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