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V-FLO Pumps & System, as the core business of V-FLO Group, covers wide markets and applications in the areas of oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, power & energy, environment protection, metallurgy & mining, water supply and sewage treatment, sea water desalination, offshore platforms, underground coal gasification and so on. Pumps as the heart of industrial processes are products with hi-tech and added-value. V-FLO Pumps & System in Beijing, V-FLO Shen Yang Branch and V-FLO Dalian Machine are responsibled for development of all kinds of pumps & systems to meet any complicated and demanding requirements from customers. V-FLO R&Ds are carried out by ways of further improvements and upgrading of existing technologies, independent high-tech patents as well as reverse engineering design for special purposes. In addition, V-FLO also joint our hands working together with domestic and foreign leading institutes as well as colleges and universities to develop special pumps to meet demanding challenges from fields of various applications.



Adding to the strength of V-FLO Group, the completion and commissioning of V-FLO Dalian Production Base brings brilliance to V-FLO manufacturing capability and capacity for pumps and systems. The production capacity has been increased to 8000 units of different pump systems with casting of 40,000t per year, maxi. weight of single piece up to 25 tons, machining capacity of 2 million hours according to international codes and standards such as ASME, ANSI, HIS, ISO and API610. V-FLO attributes the pump quality to our total quality control philosophy from raw materials, fabrication and machining, NDT & dimensions, hydrotest & dynamic balance, assembling & performance test, painting and packaging strictly in accordance with procedures and standards.


V-FLO pump performance test loops, open and closed, are capable for 380V, 3300V, 6000V and 10000V, motor power up to 5000KVA. The open test loop with 12m water depth and 3600m 3 water could satisfy most of the demanding test requirements of centrifugal pumps and systems.

V-FLO Pumps & Systems are guaranteed with reliable high quality due to the strict execution of APIQ1, ISO9000-01 and ISO14000 management systems through the whole manufacturing process from products R&D, engineering design, fabrication and production, inspection and file management. V-FLO customer confidence and satisfactions are ensured with careful and humble services.

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