2018 Sino-Pakistan Projects Fair






On May 18th, 2018, the first Sino-Pakistan Projects Fair jointly organized by Chinabidders of V-FLO Group, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Beijing, International Center on Small Hydro Power and Power China Limited was inaugurated at Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing, China. More than 300 enterprise representatives from China and abroad attended this fair to discuss the practical landing plans of the Pakistan big projects.



2018 Sino-Pakistan Projects Fair

Strengthen the Cooperation Between Chinese and Pakistani Enterprises, Join Hands to Promote the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.


Mr. Kingston Wen, Chairman of V-FLO Group 


At the start of the fair, Mr. Kingston Wen, the chairman of V-FLO Group, sponsor of the fair, made a keynote speech. He mentioned that from the Belt and Road Initiative to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the cooperation between China and Pakistan had been increasingly close, many enterprises were seizing the opportunities brought by Belt and Road Initiative and accelerating the development of the international market. Mr. Kingston Wen emphasized that Pakistan was at a critical stage of national development and the development experiences of China’s reform and opening up for the past 40 years were well worthy for Pakistan to learn. The deep cooperation and development between China and Pakistan are great undertakings of the two countries and also the well-beings of the two peoples.

There are lots of projects opportunities in Pakistan, China and Pakistan should make one step at a time to promote the implementation and join hands to promote the Sino-Pakistan Economic Corridor, V-FLO and Chinabidders are willing to be the most reliable partner for Chinese enterprises on the way of going out.




Mr. Badar uz Zaman, Commercial Counsellor of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Beijing.


Mr. Badar uz Zaman, the Commercial Counsellor of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Beijing also made keynote speech at the fair. He appealed that China and Pakistan should focus on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to establish deeper project cooperation.


Mr. Badar expressed that Pakistan is a young country which has booming economy, huge populations and market with great potentials. Now China has become an important participator of Pakistan projects in many fields, the cooperation between the two countries will be wider and deeper. China’s Belt and Road Initiative provides a great cooperation platform for China and Pakistan, the Counsellor believed that the cooperation prospect of the two countries will be very bright.



Mr. Mohammad Abuzar Khan, the Brigadier General of Pakistan Navy


Mr. Mohammad Abuzar Khan, the Brigadier General of Pakistan Navy expressed full confidence to the cooperation between Chinese and Pakistani enterprises. He mentioned that Chinese enterprises had created many successful project cases in Pakistan in the fields of nuclear power, infrastructure construction, mine, metallurgy, etc. And the projects built around the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor play an important role in the economic development of Pakistan, such as the Gwadar Port, China-Pakistan Joint Marine Research Center, etc. 


China-Pakistan business and technology cooperation is deep routed and culturally entrenched in history. The future is bright for the region and Pakistan stands committed to success with its iron brother China.



Eliza Yao, Senior Program Officer of ICSHP


The International Center on Small Hydro Power(ICSHP), also the important partner of Chinabidders made keynote speech on the UN International Small Hydro Power Project at the fair.

The Senior Program Officer Eliza Yao mentioned that ICSHP is a public and non-profit institution directly under auspices of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), China’s Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Commerce. It serves as headquarters of the International Network on Small Hydro Power (INSHP), an international organization with more than 480 members over 80 countries. The ICSHP is committed to providing consultation, research, training and equipment supply on international hydro power and has rich successful project experiences in many countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Ms Eliza Yao hoped that ICSHP can establish wider exchange and cooperation with Pakistan enterprises in the future.




Mr. Shen Yiyang, the Senior Energy Consultant of ADB


Mr. Shen Yiyang, the Senior Energy Consultant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) made a prediction about the global power demand growth rate. He remarked that the green technology integration is a big trend and the ways of Return on Investment (ROI) will be diversified, Chinese enterprises should pay more attentions to the normal investment risks when investing the overseas projects.

Mr. Shen emphasized that ADB has made many financial policies support for the clean energy field and will make more policies on business patterns, energy internet, local strategy to provide support for the going out of Chinese enterprises.




Mr. Chen Fang, the Minister of Overseas Business Department of SPC


Mr. Chen Fang, the Minister of Overseas Business Department of Xi’an Shaangu Power Co., LTD. (SPC) made a detailed introduction about his company at the fair.


Mr. Chen said that SPC is established in 1999 and is a professional company providing systematic solutions and services for turbo-machinery in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgical industry, air separation, power generation, civil construction, environmental protection, national defense, etc. For the present, SPC has completed 235 engineering projects and is a reliable business partner.



Ms. Lv Ping, the representative from the Second Research Institute of  CASIC


What is smart city? What does the established smart city look like? Lv Ping, the representative from the Second Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC) answered the above questions for Pakistan partners at the fair.

Ms Lv mentioned that “green”, “wisdom”, “livable”, “ecological” are four key words for the smart city. The Second Research Institute of CASIC is committed to becoming a leading smart city comprehensive service provider in the world and has made plan of building smart city in Tai Hu area, Suzhou, China. Finally, Ms Lv invited Pakistan enterprises to build and implement the new smart city with CASIC together.


In the afternoon, the fair entered the stage of projects discussion, all the enterprises put themselves into the projects they are interested, which pushed the fair reach its climax.


Mr. Allen He, General Manager of V-FLO Group Pakistan Branch


ZY & Company Bulk Terminal (PVT.) LTD.


3W Systems (PVT.) LTD.








Projects Discussion Scene


At the end of the fair, agreements were signed among Chinabidders, Chinese and Pakistan enterprises on the proposed projects.


Chinabidders and Pakistan Navy Bahria Foundation signed an agreement on ship maintenance, asphalt storage and commercial building development, etc.


Chinabidders and ZY & Company Bulk Termiminal (PVT.) LTD. signed an agreement on building local factory of pumps. valves, flange, pipe fittings, LNG terminal, LPG storage and distribution, refining and petrochemical projects.


Chinabidders, 3W Systems (PVT.) LTD. and Beijing Sound Global signed the three-parties agreement on water treatment of Lahore Water Bureau.


Chinabidders, NISHAN-E-HAIDER and Beijing Easy Building Company signed the three-parties agreement on building ecological house in Karachi, Pakistan.


Chinabidders and CCCC First Harbor Consultants Co., LTD signed agreement on building ecological house in Karachi, Pakistan.


Signing agreement is just the beginning of cooperation. After the fair, Chinabidders will continue to provide all-around services to promote the perfect landing of these projects. Welcome to consult for more information!


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