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V-FLO Pumps Acquires the Title of “Qualified Supplier” in the Petrochemical Industry

V-FLO Pumps
V-FLO Pumps
2018/05/17 10:29


On April 19th, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation(CPCIF)issued the List of Qualified Suppliers in Petrochemical industry, V-FLO Pumps is in the list.



This assessment covers various equipment categories of the petrochemical industry including the furnace, reaction equipment, petrochemical vehicles, etc. And 139 enterprises have passed the assessment and become the Qualified Suppliers in the Petrochemical industry. As an experienced pump manufacturer and system provider earning reputation in world market of nearly 20 years, V-FLO Pumps has always been focusing on R&D and technology upgrade of pump products, not only providing reliable pump products for customers, but also paying more attentions to provide optimized full-set solutions for the process products and technological flows of the customers in various fields. Becoming the qualified supplier in Petrochemical industry is theachievement of our insisting of marketing strategy as Specialized Supplying and Multi-channel Development and will provide more support for the business cooperation and development of V-FLO Pumps in Petrochemical industry.


Besides the petrochemical industry, the products of V-FLO Pumps are widely used in the industries of power & energy, environment protection, metallurgy & mining, water supply and sewage treatment, sea water desalination, offshore platforms, underground coal gasification and so on. In the future, V-FLO Pumps will further improve and enhance the R&D and business expansion capability and try our best to remain the reliable supplier in the pump industry.