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Strategic Cooperation between CFLP and Chinabidders

V-FLO Pumps
V-FLO Pumps
2018/04/18 10:28



The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (referred to as CFLP) and Chinabidders Engineering Co.,Ltd., the subsidiary company of V-FLO Group, was held at afternoon of July 25, 2017 in Beijing.


The participants of the signing ceremony shall be shown as follows:

Kingston Wen (Managing Director of Chinabidders Engineering Co.,Ltd.);

He Liming (Chairman of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing);

Cheng Yuanzhong (Vice Chairman of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing);

Hu Dajian (Director of Procurement Committee of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing);

Top management team members of New Finance and Economics Integrated Media Company and other companies.


He Liming (Chairman of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing) spoke highly of Chinabidders for its international vision, strategic layout and excellent business landing capability at the signing ceremony. He praised Chinabidders for its outstanding achievements in international market,especially in West Asia and Middle East Market. He said that Chinabidders was an active practitioner of “One Belt And One Road” initiative for its orientation adapts to the trends of the times and national policies and its spirit of down-to-earth for conducting marketing and business issues. He believed that Chinabidders would become much better and stronger and become a model “going-out” enterprise with further exploring its own advantages to the full by strategic cooperation with CFLP.  


Kingston Wen (Managing Director of Chinabidders Engineering Co.,Ltd.) said that with over 15 years’ experience in international market, Chinabidders shall take this strategic cooperation as an opportunity to give full play of its accumulated market experience and operational capacity and cultivate and enhance its core competitiveness by taking the smart supply chain platform as the breakthrough point. He believed that Chinabidders would become much better by cooperating with CFLP.