Chinabidders PPE Supply to India Comes towards a Phased Close


53287 was commissioned by the Indian Embassy in China for the procurement of PPEs to combat the novel coronavirus in this early April. The project has been paid great attention and the company has quickly responded to set up an emergency project team as well as came up with a detailed implementation plan. Till now, the project is coming to an end, PPEs Products which include goggles, protective coveralls, N95 Respirators and Nitrile gloves have been shipped to India in batches.



Throughout the whole process of the project, the company encountered huge difficulties and challenges, from raw material procurement to finished product processing, from shipping and transportation to customs clearance and inspection. It was a great challenge for each member of the team to overcome these problems. Till now, products have been exported to India from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport towards a hundred charter flights, and the project is expected to be finished in this early July.



The demand for medical supplies is expected to continue to increase due to the growing number of new coronavirus cases in India. However, considering the comprehensive factors such as transportation and time costs of import, plans to set up local companies to produce masks, protective coveralls and other demanded PPEs. The project was highly appreciated by the India government due to our efforts in supply of quality products, and have introduced local partners in order to promote the project. Now, is sourcing experienced Chinese companies to participate in the construction of local PPE factories and supply of raw materials, so as to improve the local production capacity. 


As more and more Chinese enterprises focusing on the global cause of fighting the epidemic, and all countries in the world are united and cooperating with each other. We believe we will certainly be able to overcome the epidemic and win the ultimate victory together.

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