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NYP Lobe Pump

NYP Lobe Pump, a kind of positive displacement pump, is especially designed for applications in industries like petroleum ,chemical, paint & coat, medicine, dying & printing, foodstuff etc.. The unique construction and wide range of material choices makes it possible to meet very tough demands of liquids with various properties and viscosities.

Product Description

Features & Advantages
● Smooth & steady discharge without pulsation, little vibration and low noise.
● Outstanding self-priming capability.
● Identical rotation direction of the internal and outer rotors reduces friction and thus increases operation life.
● Flow rates are in linear relation with rotation speed. As a result flow rates are easily adjustable by speed regulations.
● Heating & cooling jacket may be equipped depending upon media requirements.
● Working temperature up to 200°C when suitable materials are selected.
● Ideal for high Viscosity applications.

Data Ranges
● Media Temp.: -10 ~ 200℃
● Viscosity : 1.0 ~ 300,000 cst
● Pressure: 0.4Mpa, 0.6Mpa, 0.8Mpa, 1.0Mpa
● Displacement: 0.78 ~ 1670 L/100rev

Model Nomenclature
● NYP: Lobe Pump.
● 50: Displacement (L/100rev.).
● A: Variation code
● V: Mechanical Seal (T for Packing P)
● W: Materials Code
   W1 for Cas Iron; W2 for Ductile Cast Iron ; W3 for Cast Steel; W4 for Stainless Steel.

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