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AFB FB Corrosive Resistant Pump

Type AFB & FB corrosive-resistant pumps, are single-stage single suction horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps designed for applications in tough and heavy circumstances in industries such as chemical,petroleum, metallurgy, environment protection, pharmaceutical etc.. Ideal for delivering corrosive liquids without solids.

Product Description

● All liquid contacted parts shall be made of stainless steel.
● Back slide cover construction facilitated service and repairing work. Rotor may be easily pull out 
without having to disturb suction and discharge pipes.
● Mechanical seal for shaft sealing. Permissible suction pressure up to 0.2 MPa.
● Expeller shaft sealing with Model AFB pumps.
● Pumped liquid temperature up to 105℃
● Flexible spacer coupling.
Model Nomenclature
80 — Suction Dia. (mm)
A — Expeller Single Face Sealing
FB — Single Stage Single Suction Corrosive-resistant Centrifugal Pump
65 — Designed Head (m)

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