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3DP & 3ZH Plungrer Reciprocating Pumps

Type 3DP & 3ZH series plunger reciprocating pumps are designed for high pressure applications for water injection, chemical injection and oil extraction in oil field; hydraulic pressing equipment, high pressure water flushing, boiler water feeding etc..

Product Description

Model Nomenclature
E.G.: 3DP(ZH) 75-150
3 — Triplex Plunger Pump
DP/ZH — Pump Code
75 — Plunger Stroke (mm)
150 — Pump Speed (rpm)


3DP20 Plunger Pump
3DP20 Series are designed for applications of pressure-testing, high-pressure cleaning, chemical dosing, chemical process, medicine-feeding and oil transfer pump etc. 
Mountings Available: horizontal, vertical, fixed and movable. 
Driving Modes: electric motor, diesel engine, belt pulley, gear box, electromagnetic speed regulation and frequency inverter speed regulation.
Safety valve is equipped with for pressure adjust at wills. The performance data listed in the data sheet are for your reference reference only. And flow rates can be adjusted to meet requirements by either speed regulation or changing the diameter of the plungers.

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