Other fields

Otherfields ItisalsopossibletoproduceandsupplyotherAPIpumpproductsandnon-APIpumpproductssuchas:API676—YCBseriesgearpump,EHseriessinglescrewpump,2G&3Gseriesdoubleandtriplescrewpumps.API674—2DS,3DSSerie

Other fields


It is also possible to produce and supply other API pump products and non-API pump products such as:

API 676 — YCB series gear pump, EH series single screw pump, 2G & 3G series double and triple screw pumps.

API 674 — 2DS, 3DS Series Piston Pumps and DBY Series Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps.

API 675 — J, JM series metering pumps.

API 685 — PW, PL Series Screening Pumps, CQ Series Magnetic Pumps.

Others — 2BE, 2BV Series Vacuum Pumps A variety of structures and material choices ensure the superior performance of the pump products, allowing these products to be used in a variety of work environments ranging from food, pharmaceutical, light industry, to steel and metallurgy heavy industry, and petrochemical industry.


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