Water Supply and Sewage Treatment

Water Supply & Sewage Treatment V-FLOIS & KWPlowheadpumps, ISGverticalinlinepumps, CPS&SAdoublesuction pumps,HB ver tical mixed flowand ZL Baxial pumps , LW vert icalvolut ecasing singlesuctionpumpsandQWsewagesubmersiblepu

Water Supply & Sewage Treatment


V-FLO IS & KWP low head pumps, ISG vertical inline pumps, CPS & SA double suction pumps, HB vertical mixed flow and ZLB axial pumps, LW vertical volute casing single suction pumps and QW sewage submersible pumps are designed for water supply and sewage treatment applications, also suitable for agriculture irrigation and water diversion projects.

Pump materials can be cast iron, carbon steel, chrome steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel.


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