Opening Ceremony of V-FLO Dalian Manufacturing Base





On May 28, 2011, adding to the strength of V-FLO Group, the completion and commissioning of V-FLO Dalian Production Base brings brilliance to V-FLO manufacturing capability and capacity for pumps and systems. The production capacity shall be increased up to 8000 units of different pump systems with a casting of 4000 tons per month, maximum weight of single piece up to 25 tons, machining capacity of 2 million hours according to international codes and standards such as ASME, ANSI, HIS, ISO and API610. V-FLO attributes the pump quality to our total quality control philosophy from raw materials, fabrication and machining, NDT & dimensions, hydrotest & dynamic balance, assembling & performance test, painting and packaging strictly accordance with procedures and standards.

Beijing Changjia Pump Co., Ltd
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