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TD series are double casing multistage between bearings centerline supported horizontal centrifugal pumps designed and manufactured completely in accordance with API610 11th Edition BB5 for guaranteed long term operation with high efficiency and excellent stability.

TD series of petrochemical oil pumps are designed with a perfect combination of impellers and guiding vanes to achieve optimized hydraulic performance, having features of compact structure, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and excellent operating stability for the purpose of long service life with high temperature media working at most severe and heavy duty conditions.


Performance Range

Flow rate( Q ): up to 2200m3/h

Disch. head(H): up to 3500m

Speed: up to 5600rpm

Inlet pressure(PS): up to 10MPa

Outlet pressure(Pd): up to 45MPa

Working temperature: t= - 80 ~ 450


Model Description


Pump Structure

TD series are double-casing between-bearings centerline supported horizontal centrifugal pumps specially designed and developed for high temperature and high pressure applications.

1. Outer Casing (barrel casing)

The outer casing is a barrel casing structure with centerline support and guiding and positioning seating at the bottom to avoid the possible deformation under thermal shocks.

The inner casing is completely submerged in the working medium ensuring a even heating of the rotor assembly and inner casing together to avoid any deformation under high temperature condition.

Metallic wound gaskets are used for sealing between pump casing and pump cover to ensure high pressure operation.

Barrel casing structure with excellent safety performance minimizes the channels and possibilities of leakage to the greatest

extent when pumping toxic media.

Barrel casing can be cast or forged according to different pressure rating and applications.

Suction nozzle and discharge nozzle are integral parts of the barrel normally in vertical upward arrangement. There will be no need to disturb the barrel casing, motor and suction & discharge pipelines during maintenance and even overhauling of mechanical seals, bearings and rotor assembly.

2. Inner Casing

There are two types of inner casings, namely ring section and split case volute type. Axial force is balanced by balance disc for ring section pump with the remaining axial force to be absorbed by angular contact thrust bearings. However, the axial force of split case pump is completely balanced through the back-to-back arrangement of impellers.

3. Impeller

Two or more hydraulic models are designed for each specification to meet the working conditions. In general, first stage impeller of each model can be single suction or double suction for impellers with diameter more than 100mm for extremely low NPSHr applications.

Each impeller is independently fixed on the shaft so as to minimize the deformation caused by temperature change and accumulated machining errors.

4. Rotor

Rigid rotor design with sufficient shaft margin. All parts and accessories installed on the shaft are subject to dynamic balance as the rotor assembly to ensure reliable and smooth pump operation with minimum vibration.

Pump shaft is made of superior alloy steel as a minimum requirement and the coupling side is designed in conical structure for the convenience of disassembling.

Dynamic balance shall be according to API 610 11th Edition.

5. Bearings, Lubrication & Cooling

There are 3 types of bearing arrangements, namely, rolling-element radial and thrust, hydrodynamic radial and rolling-element thrust, or hydrodynamic radial and thrust. In any case, the basic rated service life for each type shall be at least 25,000 hours on rated operation conditions.

There are 2 types of lubrications, namely oil ring with large bearing housing and forced lubrication from external oil station for heavy duty operations. Bearing housing is designed with heat dissipation fins and cooling fans may also be equipped if necessary so as to ensure excellent bearing cooling. it is mounted with constant level oiler for automatic supplement in time in case of lubricating oil consumption.

Forced lubrication from external oil station shall be supplied as per API 614.

PT temperature transmitter is designed to detect the bearing temperature.


Cross Section Drawings


TD Series Family Curves

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