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NLTD Series Vertical Multi-Stage Barrel Casing Centrifugal Pumps

NLTD Series are vertical multi-stage barrel casing centrifugal pumps designed for pumping condensate water in thermal and nuclear power plants.
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KWP Series Single-Stage Horizontal or Vertical Centrifugal Pumps

KWP series single-stage horizontal or vertical centrifugal pumps designed for clean water,sewages and sludge applications in water and waste treatment plants,chemicals,iron & steel,paper making (pulp content up to 3%),sugar and foodstuff industries.
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HW Horizontal Mixed Flow Pumps

HW horizontal mixed flow pumps are constructed in single stage single suction volute casing, applicable to clean water with a temperature below 50℃.
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WZ Series Horizontal Axial-flow Pumps

WZ series horizontal axial-flow pumps are designed for low head and large flowrate applications suitable.
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HB/HK/H Series Vertical Mixed-flow Pumps

HB/HK/H are vertical mixed-flow pumps designed for water circulation application in thermal power plants.
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ZLB(Q) Series Vertical Axial Flow Pumps

ZLB(Q) Series are vertical axial flow pumps designed for water supply and drainage applications in industrial,municipal and agricultural irrigation projects including metallurgy,mining,chemical,power plants and water level regulation in shipyard docks etc.
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ZX/ZZB/ZW Series Self-priming Pumps

ZX/ZZB/ZW Series Self-priming Pumps are designed for economical & trouble-free operation in handling solids-laden liquids and slurries.
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ZD/ZG/ZX Series Overhung Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

ZD/ZG/ZX series overhung horizontal centrifugal slurry pumps designed for the handling highly abrasive slurries with high density in metallurgical,mining,coal,power,building material industries and other departments,etc.
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QZ Series Axial Flow Vertical Submersible Pumps

QZ series are axial flow vertical submersible pumps designed for large capacity and low head applications.
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QW Submersible Sewage Pumps

QW submersible sewage pumps are popular due to reliability and low investment for construction and installation suitable for water supply.
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GQJ/S6 Series Vertical Multi-Stage Submersible Pumps

GQJ/S6 Series are vertical multi-stage submersible pumps designed for pumping clean water from deep wells, rivers, reservoirs and mines etc.
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ISG Series Single Stage Overhung Inline Centrifugal Pumps

ISG series are single stage overhung inline centrifugal pumps applicable for clean water or liquids with similar physical and chemical property with temperature up to 80℃.
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