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SN & SPF Three-Spindle Screw Pump

Application:In the heating facility as fuel oil injection, fuel supply and transfer pumps; In the engineering industry as hydraulic, and electromotor pump; In the chemical and food industry as cargo, transfer or supply pumps; In the marine field as transfer, booster, fuel oil pumps as well for ship hydraulics.
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KCB & 2CY Gear Oil Pump

Type KCB, 2CY are gear pumps designed for oil applications of various temperatures in Petrochemical and Chemical factories, food and cereal processing, metallurgy, power station, building materials. Applicable to heavy oil, fuel, lubricant and similar liquids. Bronze gear, stainless steel pump and explosive proof motor are all available upon request.
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3D Reciprocating Pumpsets

High-pressure Pump Type 3Di-SApplication to pipe washing, mechanical component washing, sand clean out, get rid of the rust, liquid transportation, engineering, the pressure test pump for the plastic tube, rubber tube, metal tube and the oil well equipments.
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J & JM Metering Pump

J & JM Metering or dosing pumps, a kind of reciprocating volumetric pump, are designed into cylindrical piston and diaphragm types, adjustable both statically and dynamically in the whole range at any point between 0~100% of rated capacity.
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DP Diaphragm Pump

DP series diaphragm pumps are designed for high pressure transferring liquids without solids. Widely used for vehicle washing, plants watering gardening, pumping water for trucks, movable fields, touring boats, RO water treatment system in household water, water treatment in pharmaceutical industry and medical laboratories, as well as for transmission of weak acid and weak base solvent without particular matters and for transmission of water and other solvent without particular matters in food industry.
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BW Slurry Pump

BW Series Slurry Pumps, feature with multi-step speed gearbox, compact design, energy saving with high efficiency etc.
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Progressive Cavity Pump

Progressive Cavity Pump is a new kind of oil production equipment. The system consists of down hole PC Pump and surface drive head.
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WB Electric Hi-Pressure Plunger Pump

Type WB series electric reciprocating pumps are designed for high pressure applications for water injection, pressure boosting and oil extraction in oil field; hydraulic pressing equipment, high pressure water flushing, boiler water feeding etc..
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YCB Gear Oil Pump

Type YCB pumps are designed with the model of Double-arc Sine Curves gears.
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W.V Series Twin Screw Pump

Used for marine as cargo and stripping pump, ballast pump, lubricating oil pump for main machine, fuel oil transfer and spray pump, load or unload oil pump.
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NYP Lobe Pump

NYP Lobe Pump, a kind of positive displacement pump, is especially designed for applications in industries like petroleum ,chemical, paint & coat, medicine, dying & printing, foodstuff etc.. The unique construction and wide range of material choices makes it possible to meet very tough demands of liquids with various properties and viscosities.
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QBY Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

QBY series air operated double diaphragm pumps are driven with compressed air without the need of electric power. Widely used for leak proof applications in industries like petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy and ceramics etc.. Applicable to liquids of leaky, corrosive, inflammable and explosive & hazardous properties.
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