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BPZ Self-Priming Pump

Type BPZ self-priming pumps, with a recessed impeller design that may be driven by diesel engine and motor, are designed for sprinkling applications. Ideal for pumping clean water or similar liquids in agricultural, municipal and industrial water supply and drainage. Liquid Temperature shall not be allowed to exceed 80℃.

Instructionsfor Operation and Maintenance
Proper operation and maintenance is very important to keep the pump working normally without troubles for a long working life. The following instructions must be carefully read before starting the pump:
1. In case of transmission by the V-belt, the main shaft of the motor must be parallel with that of the pump, the pulley also in accord. The distance between the centers of the pulleys mustn't be less than twice the diameters of the two pulleys. In case of direct coupling, the motor and the pump must share the same base plate and adopt flexible coupling. Make sure that the shafts of the two are in concentricity.
2. The pump must be mounted 1-2 meters lower than the critical suction vacuum height (height above water level of pond and centerline of pump). The ground on which the machine is mounted must be solid and firm so as to avoid collapsing or caving in.
3. The installation of the suction pipe must be carefully done so that no leakage of air will occur. The filter grid should be submerged into water entirely and away from the pond bottom and the pond walls in order to prevent air or sand or mud from entering the suction pipe.
4. On starting , make sure that the pump shaft is rotating evenly in the correct direction without any abnormal noise.
5. For the self-priming pump, enough water should be put into the body before starting so as to make its suction all right. Its is strictly forbidden to run the machine without water in the body in order to prevent from burning the sealing parts.

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