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To make up for the shortage of coking coal demand and meet the rapid development requirement of steel, metallurgy, chemical, manufacturing and related industries, in March, 2021, with the facilitation of the Embassy of Indonesian, V-FLO Group initiated the project of mining & trading of coking coal in Indonesia.


June, 2021 V-FLO Group visited The Embassy of Indonesia and exchanged ideas for potential projects with Ms. Virdiana Ririen Hapsari(Minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs).


Uzbekistan is one of the biggest producers for oil & gas in Central Asia. As approved vendor, V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co.,Ltd. has been actively involved in a large number of petrochemical projects in Uzbekistan in recent years through supplying numbers of Boiler feed water pumps,feed pumps for Hydrocracking unit, etc. Projects cover a wide range such as construction of chemical complex in Samarkand, Boysun Gas Refinery Project, Fergana Refinery Revamp Project, etc.


Till August 2021 V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd. have successfully registered AVL in more than 20 companies. Such as Saudi electricity company, Qatar Petroleum, MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co. B.V., Petro SA, KBR, ADNOC etc. Which covered Asia, Europe,  Africa and South America.





January, 2020 V-FLO production LLP, a second branch company in Pakistan was established to manage the local production base.


January, 2020 Mr. Kingston Wen, Managing director of V-FLO Group visited The Embassy of Iran for introducing the barter trade platform as a payment solution in international trade.


January, 2020 Mr. MOHD ZUKEPLI BIN HJ EMBONG from Investment Bureau of Malaysia visited V-FLO Group to exchange ideas on investment in local palm oil processing plant.


March, 2020 V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd was successfully awarded the tender for 1×600 MW boiler circulating water pump project of Telangana State Power Generation Corporation Limited (TSGENCO), which is another breakthrough in bring boiler circulating water pump of China to the international market, following the supply of similar 1X600 MW and heavier 1x800 MW boiler circulating water pump to BHEL respectively in 2010 and 2017.
V-FLO together with Hayward Tyler (UK), KSB (Germany) and Torishima (Japan) are the only four world recognized manufacturers of boiler circulation water pump.


April, 2020 Chinabidders (, a V-FLO Group affiliate, played a big role during the outbreak of COVID-19 mainly in bridging global demand and supply of medical supplies,production process and quality control, professional export declaration and international transportation etc. Contributing its due share in fighting the pandemic especially for countries along Belt and Road Initiative.


April, 2020 Dr. Acquino Vimal (Minister) and Mr. Rajesh Parihar visited V-FLO Group for evaluating the status of PPE supply project entrusted by the Indian Government and highly appreciated the progress of our procurement.


May, 2020 V-FLO GROUP actively promote the Second Generation Biodiesel Project, in respond to the government advocacy of new energy resources, by using our advanced technology to convert the UCO, the oil mill effluents and fat acid distillate such as POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent) and PFAD into bio-diesel that meets the HVO standard of EU. Meanwhile,supply of POME from Southeast Asia for demand in China is maintained as trading business.


June, 2020 With the support and promotion of The Embassy of Azerbaijan, V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd is setting a pump plant as a joint venture with local partners, and a series of local projects will continue to be developed subsequently, contributing to expansion of the Central Asian Market.


June, 2020 Iran has gone through the most complex situation and faced severe pressure from international sanctions in the past decades. V-FLO,as one of the few pump suppliers worldwide, participated in the project of construction of crude oil pipeline from Gurreh to jask through supplying dozens of centrifugal pump sets, which is one of the key strategic projects in Iran.


July, 2020 V-FLO Group delegation was warmly received by The Embassy of Ghana, followed by discussion of the cooperation feasibility for local industrialization.


September, 2020 Invited by Mr. Yusuf Timol (Minister Economic Counsellor) from The Embassy of South Africa, Mr. Kingston Wen (Managing Director) visited The Embassy of South Africa and discussed the cooperation mode for setting up local tissue plant.


November, 2020 As approved vendor of Pakistan State Oil Company (PSO), V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co.,Ltd continued to supply centrifugal pump units for the project "construction of Kiamari Terminal" PSO is the leader in oil industry of Pakistan,occupying 82% of the country's oil reserves.


Homs refinery is the largest and most important one among the only two existing refineries in Syria. V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd has been continuously supplying pump sets to Homes refinery for past over 10 years, including the centrifugal decoking pump system for delayed coking unit. During wartime of the past decade, V-FLO has provided important support for the sustained and stable operation of Homes Refinery.



March, 2019 V-FLO Beijing office welcomed Mr. Milan Bacevic, Ambassador of Serbia to V-FLO Group, for joint venture with local companies for establishing production base.


March, 2019 Following the Belt and Road Initiative with opportunity of industrial cooperation globally, V-FLO set up a series of production base for light industrial products to meet the local demands for industrialization, as well as daily necessities, which set a step forward towards global manufacturing.


June, 2019 Dr. Anwar Al-Abdulla (Ambassador) and Mr. Ali Abdul hameed from The Embassy of Bahrain visited the headquarter of V-FLO Group for introducing local industrial and potential projects for joint ventures.


September, 2019 Mrs. H.E. Winnie Natala Chibesakunda (Ambassador) and Mr. Sauka Chinji from The Embassy of Zambia arrived at V-FLO Beijing office for investment promotion of local projects.


October, 2019 Chinabidders International Co., Ltd was established to meet the requirement for increased trading volume and expanded business scope.


October, 2019 Mr. Ephrem Bouzayhu Hidug (Minister) and Mr. Yonathan Guebremedhin Simon from The Embassy of Ethiopia visited V-FLO Group.


December, 2019 V-FLO Group team paid a return visit to Zambia Embassy for detailed discussion of Waste-to-Energy Project.


December, 2019 Mr. Teymur Nadiroghlu (Minister Counselor) and Mr. Natiq Xalilov from The Embassy of Azerbaijan visited V-FLO Group for the business cooperation of establishing local pump plant.





January, 2018 API Q1 certification from American Petroleum Association was awarded to V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd., which further expanded the access qualification and passport for V-FLO as a Chinese brand to the international high-end markets.


April, 2018 Meeting with Dr. Aasim Zaheer (Air Marshal) and Zhonghang Wisdom for Pakistan Aviation City Project at Four Seasons Hotel.


May, 2018 The first Sino-Pakistan Projects Fair jointly organized by Chinabidders of V-FLO Group, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Beijing was inaugurated at Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing, China. More than 300 enterprise representatives from China and abroad attended the fair to discuss the practical landing plans of the Pakistan big projects. 70% of the projects were successfully signed the MOU.


July,2018 Mr.Sirajul Islam Sikder from The Embassy of Bangladesh visited V-FLO Group head office for various projects consultation.


Jul, 2018 Mr. Tiago Alberto Nampele from The Embassy of Mozambique visited V-FLO Group head office for detailed negotiation on cooperation mode with CHINABIDDERS, a V-FLO Group company.


October, 2018 Mr. David Hingston from The Embassy New Zealand visited V-FLO Group head office for detailed discussion on cooperation mode with CHINABIDDERS, a V-FLO Group company.


December, 2018 On invitation, Mr. Khalfaoui Mohamed Yassine and Mr. Benmahdi Kamel from The Embassy of Algeria visited V-FLO headquarter in Beijing.


December, 2018 On invitation, Mr. Coronel Mario Stevenazzi and Mr. Federico Lage from The Embassy of Uruguay joined us at V-FLO Group head office.



September, 2017 Environment, Health and Safety Management Systems started test run in V-FLO manufacturing section. Certificates for Environmental Management System Certification (GB24001-2016/ISO14001:2015) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification (GB/T28001-2011) were awarded.






February, 2016 Mr. Brig Gen Binod Pandey from The Embassy of Nepal visited V-FLO Group head office for potential projects cooperation.


February, 2016 Officials from Pakistan Embassy and National University of Defense visited V-FLO Group head office for detailed discussion of Big Data Intelligence Analysis System.


May, 2016 Grand Inauguration Ceremony was held for Dalian Production Base, which opened the new era for V-FLO Group in a position to manufacture high-end pumps with complete process under integrated control products R&D, engineering design,fabrication, inspection & test etc.


July, 2016 Chinabidders Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd started to develop a one-stop comprehensive service platform ( which was officially launched on line in January, 2017.



August, 2015 V-FLO LIGHTING LIMITED was established.


September, 2015 V-FLO Pump R&D Institute was founded.


October, 2015 V-FLO upgraded the company management system according to API Q1 specifications and rules and the API Q1 certification will be awarded in 2018.



In 2014 V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd. registered a total of 12 patents and was conferred by the Government as one of the National High-tech Enterprises.

May, 2014 V-FLO (Dalian) Machine CO., LTD. was established as the R&D and the cornerstone was laid for the new production base with a total investment of US$20 million from V-FLO GROUP.

June, 2014 V-FLO Shenyang Branch was officially established.

October, 2014 V-FLO RENEWNERGY (PRIVATE) LIMITED was established in Islamabad, Pakistan.

October, 2014 V-FLO acquired Bigway Group Holding CO., LTD. from Hong Kong.


February, 2013 V-FLO MID-EAST GROUP L.L.C. was established in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.



September, 2010 V-FLO (KSA) Contracting Co., Ltd. was established in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arab.


August, 2009 V-FLO Engineering CO., LTD. was established.


April, 2009 V-FLO GROUP OF COMPANIES LIMITED was established.



May, 2008 V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd. was awarded the Certification of ISO9001 quality management system.


August, 2008 V-FLO procured our second office building in Beijing and prepared for development with a big leap forward.


October, 2003 V-FLO Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd. was set up.



October, 2002 V-FLO was first established in the name of Changcha Pumps & Systems Co., Ltd., in Changsha, China.



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