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After-sales Service

V-FLO after sales service not only covers supervision for site installation and commissioning, but also offers training for operation, product tracking, product maintenance, performance improvement, spare parts, and even a lot more as customers may require.




After-Sales Service

Our aim: 100% problem solving, 100% customer satisfaction!

Within the warranty period of quality, responsible for repair, replacement, return and compensation of defective products;

With passion, thoughtfulness and detail-oriented service for users, all quality complaints will be answered within 24 hours.

The expatriate service personnel shall not leave the site without troubleshooting or concluding comments.


Technical Support & Training

V-FLO technical team with professional engineers and experts in different fields are always ready to provide on-the-spot technical support and services. Training can arranged at site or in-factory as requested.


Installation Supervision

Technical supervision and professional training for installation and operation are very important to guarantee the quality and performance of pump systems. V-FLO dispatches experienced service engineers to each and every important project site to support our customers.



18 months after delivery or 12 months after commissioning shall be guaranteed for trouble free operation under normal working conditions.