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V-FLO Group has been playing active roles for the last 14 years specialized in R&D, procurement, manufacturing system equipment packaging for industries such as oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, power generation and transmission,   water supply and treatment, sewage treatment, renewable energy and so on.

V-FLO Group services are special and unique in providing innovative, effective and cost-efficient solutions to all demanding technical and management requirements.

We combine technology, experience and abide commitment to teamwork to satisfy the needs of our clients. We provide full-service engineering, construction, operation and maintenance supports to clients in all industrial sectors, which helps to relieve our customers from their unfamiliar matters and better  focus on their core competencies so as to maximize their efficiency. 

V-FLO focuses on latest technologies and equipment available to work out optimized solutions at affordable cost to meet Client’s needs, including the whole engineering procedures verified day by day and the progress of the project, with main equipment assembled in workshops, installing the plant and equipment at site and carrying out training and maintenance services, as maybe requested. V-FLO services provide the Clients with all the benefits of dealing with the same company for the whole project and beyond, up till post commissioning assistance utilizing our experiences with the Client project.

V-FLO offers solutions to cover industries from Oil Production, Drilling, Petrochemical Processing, Gas Treatment  to water supply, sewage treatment  and power generation, etc.

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