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About V-FLO

V-FLO Group has been growing on the fast track with a momentum without limit since its foundation in 2002 under the guidance of corporate vision to Creating First Class Enterprise With Super Team Plus Reputed Fame & Brands. Developed on the basis of V-FLO Pumps & Systems, it has successfully grown into a multidisciplinary group focusing on international operations with businesses covering equipment packaging and supply chain management, Projects EPC, subcontracting and related consulting services as well as the development of new and renewable energy. 


V-FLO is actively turning into an integration platform of technologies, products, services, markets and capitals in a way that China power and global resources meet each other without gap to generate infinite energy.


V-FLO has started a new journey to serve our customers in diversified industries for power, oil & gas, petrochemical and others. This can be translated into a wide scope of services from private basement to municipal sewage treatment, from the boiler room in a high rise building to a marine pier, in processing plants, power generating stations, paper mills, construction sites, operation and maintenance fleets and in farm fields, in solar and wind power generation as well LED lighting applications delivering our products and services to dozens of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia and so on.


V-FLO Group, with the new workshop in operation in Dalian, China, is going to have an even more powerful team working at positions of R&D, manufacturing, contracting, marketing and management. We are dedicated to strive for a higher standard of service and products. Our investment in technology and research is second only to the support we give to our customers and employees. We approach the 21st century reaffirming our dedication to our customers, employees and vendors.

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